Lawn Irrigation Services

We repair any lawn irrigation system, all brands, with fair and competitive pricing.

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Eastland, Granbury, Weatherford
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Show Me Green Irrigation, LLC


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irrigation repairs &


  • We can repair any system type, and all brands
  • Emergency, after-hours and weekend services available with NO rate increase  
  • Modify outdated or underperforming systems
  • Add zones to existing systems
  • Replace lawn sprinkler controllers
  • Convert pump systems to city water source, and vice versa
  • Install Rain Freeze Sensors (shuts off irrigation system during significant rain and freeze events)
  • Retrofit existing traditional spray or rotor system to drip irrigation, micro spray and rotator products where possible

irrigation maintenance program

Find or prevent problems before they become expensive issues! Signing up for our maintenance program is an efficient way to keep your system functioning at peak performance. We will keep your controller adjusted for seasonal changes. No need to monitor it yourself - we will come to you on a routine (monthly or quarterly) basis.

monthly or

quarterly options

  • Spring System Start Up - Activate system
  • System check of all zones for leaks, pressure requirements, head alignment, broken/missing spray heads
  • Adjust spray heads as needed to ensure arc hits the intended target rather than pavement
  • Repair broken heads or nozzles 
  • Repair any leaks detected
  • Inspect controller and ensure proper performance
  • Ensure compliance with local water ordinances
  • Set seasonal watering schedule to meet landscape needs 
  • Winter System Shut Down - Insulate and close down system for winter

Save your home's foundation!

Drought can crack the ground beneath your home. Proactively save your home's value with foundation watering. Call us today at 254-592-1732 for details. 

Water conserving services

waterless Landscape

Want to cut out the need for water altogether? We specialize in waterless landscape!

  • Remove turf and install gravel or rock beds and modify irrigation system accordingly

  • Ideal for commerical applications
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Curb appeal
  • Eliminates water restriction concerns


Water preservation is one of our core company values. We can incorporate a collection unit to capture rain runoff so your indoor plants can be as vibrant as your outdoor landscape.

  • Usages: indoor & outdoor landscapes
  • Wildlife
  • Livestock and Pets

other services

  • Stump grinding
  • Replace dead shrubs or trees
  • Mulch flower beds
  • Tree Sales and Planting
  • Fruit and Shade Trees